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cree breaks 10,000-lumen barrier with expanded family of integrated led arrays

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intro:  cree, inc. (nasdaq: cree) extends the xlamp® cxa family of integrated led arrays with the new higher-light-output cxa2540 and cxa3050 leds.

cree, inc. (nasdaq: cree) extends the xlamp® cxa family of integrated led arrays with the new higher-light-output cxa2540 and cxa3050 leds. optimized to simplify designs and lower system cost, the new cxa leds deliver 5,000 to over 10,000 lumens, enabling new applications such as high-output track lights and downlights, outdoor area lighting and high-bay lighting.

the new cree® cxa3050 led is now the brightest member of the cxa family and can enable led replacements for up to 100-watt ceramic metal halide in spot lighting or up to 175 watt pulse-start metal halide in high-bay and outdoor area lighting. the addition of the cxa3050 led array also enables lighting manufacturers to rapidly expand their product portfolio with higher-lumen products. the new cx2540 led delivers up to 20 percent higher efficacy at 5,000 lumens and 3000 k than competing led arrays of similar size. in addition, the cxa2540 shares the same mechanical package as the existing cxa2520 and cxa2530 leds, giving manufacturers access to the same connector and optics solutions available today.

“we really like the ease-of-use and high performance of the cxa family, and we’re looking for higher-lumen versions to address the high-bay lighting market,” said jong hyun woo, chief project manager, ilsung ltd. “the cxa3050 led array gives us the performance that we need together with the high reliability that cree is known for to create compelling designs for our customers.”

the cxa2540 and cxa3050 led arrays use the same proven package technology as the cxa1507 led, which now has 6,000 hours of lm-80 data published and is able to support tm-21 calculated lifetimes of greater than 130,000 hours at binning current and greater than 85,000 hours at maximum current. this long-term calculated lifetime exceeds many other led arrays and plastic mid-power leds used today.

“cree is the only led manufacturer that can deliver industry-leading performance and reliability in all types of led packages,” said paul thieken, cree director of marketing, led components. “the cxa family of integrated arrays enables lighting manufacturers with an easy-to-use, single-led solution without compromising light output, efficacy or long-term reliability.”

to help lighting manufacturers get started designing with the new cxa integrated led arrays, cree has also published three cxa-based led reference designs: par30 replacement lamp, six-inch downlight and retail track light. in addition, the new cxa leds are available in easywhite® color temperatures, providing the led industry’s best color consistency for designs that use only one led.

xlamp cxa2540 and cxa3050 led samples are available now, and production quantities are available with standard lead times.