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philips taiwan to boost led lighting sales in 2013

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intro:  philips taiwan has set up ambitious goal for 2013 led lighting sales.

philips taiwan has set up ambitious goal for 2013 led lighting sales. according to philips taiwan president edward po, the company plans to boost its sales of led lighting equipment in taiwan by two to three folds in 2013 from 2012, and the number of its residential lighting showrooms will increase to seven by the end of 2013.

recently, at an international building-materials trade show held in taipei, the company promoted its if-awarded and red dot-awarded led residential lighting products as well as led intelligent lighting control system.

in po’s opinion, the intelligent control system is one of the crucial developments in the led lighting industry, providing residences, marketplaces and commercial sites with energy-saving and light-color changing merits, not to mention quality lighting environment.

he also disclosed that the company has released a number of indoor lighting applications and solutions in hope of building a quality living environment for taiwan’s residents in cooperation with homebuilders, architects, and indoor-decoration designers.

according to philips taiwan executives, in light of increasing popularity of led bulbs among consumers , the company has begun briskly promoting 6w, 9w and 12w bulbs, with 9w lamp declining to nt$369  in end-user price. its 12w bulb has won u.s. energy star label and if design award, maxing out at 825 lumens. its 6.5w bulb is a replacement for 50w halogen lamp, popular among residential-decoration designers and showcase providers.