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indoor lighting products led development ideas discussed

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intro:  plan has led to focus on supporting the project, project. since the 1960 s the first commercial led products listed since, led in indoor lighting applications business after the long way.

plan has led to focus on supporting the project, project. since the 1960 s the first commercial led products listed since, led in indoor lighting applications business after the long way. with led technology continues to mature, the led lighting used in more and more industries, indoor lighting become essential business development elements, indoor lighting sector has become the future development of the led an important fields.

the huge market development space and the national industrial policy strongly support, led indoor lighting products in our big more popular, there have been quite a number of firms are involved in this field. but, the led indoor lighting products still face the high cost and the technical performance is not quite stable, especially the technology development level is restricts the development of the industry a important bottleneck. combined with indoor lighting products led the application situation and i years of lighting industry experience, in this i will talk about this industry to some of the views and opinions, in hopes of involving the industry colleagues and inspire the use for reference.

to the industry, and touched the overall cognitive development direction, not clear market industry technology still need to improve all restricts the development of the industry, and the enterprise put in existence, the requirements of customer demand earnings guidance dislocation, relationship market, the government chief executive problems such as consciousness within the intertwining, it is hard to make industry development. for example in the market led bean pot lamp, more than one led light source combination of the canister light, led fluorescent lamp, led light bulb, the lighting effect and the traditional lighting products compare also has the very big disparity, just dozen led the name, not really play in led the strengths of the indoor lighting. the main reason is that many manufacturers can't correct understanding of the conventional lighting illumination method and requirements of the particularity, just in gourd ladle painting, according to the conventional lighting the shape of the production, think: the same appearance is light, lights is lamp, the illumination energy conservation is the lamp. this simple idea completely ignore the led lighting advantage, indoor lighting the real requirements should be: according to the requirements and different places intensity of illumination environment standards, (intensity of illumination evenness, glare restrictions, light color, color rendering, reflex, such as the ratio of), have the comfort of soft lighting system, this study more conventional lighting source of light shine principle, make indoor illume requirement accord with the atmosphere of the lighting, lighting, emotional appeal lighting situations, meet the user's various lighting requirements, even modelling also want to accord with the aesthetic view of the user.
t source the light is downy cob panel, suitable for application in many indoor scene lighting. therefore, it is easy to see in the future of the technology is cob indoor lighting development trend.

as early as in the first two years of time, japan many enterprise involved in the led industry, ball steep light from cob begin, though restricted to technical reasons when the price is expensive, but now the price of the cob declined year by year, and more than one can solve the cob led consistency problem, to avoid the number of led to mix light area light formed after the flux loss, improve the utilization rate of light source, the actual lamps also reduced cost. along with the cob technical performance rising, cost prices falling, cob technology will single way beyond led lighting, its application more convenient more conducive to reduce the cost of lighting.
conventional lighting lamps in the core technology of the light distribution, in the final analysis, also is the light source with light, road lighting and tunnel lighting cases have proved that, with the traditional lights glowing principle is different, led lighting a little light, high brightness, narrow beam output etc. characteristics. manufacturing led lamps should consider above all is the limited to use of the flux the illuminate of sufficient scope, the light source of light distribution led the design of new lamps staff put forward higher request.

i think that today's led the production of indoor lamps in between cost and reliability, should with outdoor lighting products the experience and lessons for example, improve product performance in the first place.

the state standard building lighting design standards (gb50034) is building lighting engineering design the most important a standard, it includes all kinds of interior architecture lighting design index number (intensity of illumination), quality index (intensity of illumination evenness, glare restrictions, light color, color rendering, reflex, than, etc), energy-saving index (lighting power density limit), lighting distribution and control, and covers the residential buildings, public buildings and industrial architecture lighting standards and energy-saving standards and be helpful for the execution of the "lighting management and supervision and content", to the green lighting, promote the progress of science and technology and efficient lighting lighting has an important role product promotion.


the building lighting design standards (gb50034) as a standard application is very important, the standard type led, it is helpful to perfect building lighting design standards, and to regulate the semiconductor lighting products market, easy to guide the engineering design unit application led to the development of semiconductor lighting industry will also play a positive role.

lighting of the original intention to meet the needs of the people, indoor lighting existing situation all sorts of requirements, traditional indoor lighting of indoor lighting learning experience to be led, and constantly improved ascension led lighting products performance, the same is a long way to go, need every industry for people with lofty ideals of struggle continuously.