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since the founding of the company since 1997. huixiang lighting manufactory
 (hereinafter referred to as "huixiang") is a rapid rise and the rate shown in the face of the world. first of all sovereign doctrine in huixiang, thanks to the hard work of the building people, including all levels of government. huixiang units and the cooperation of all staff.



huixiang with major manufacturers to create a strong alliance and the complementarity of the advantages of the alliance. the smooth advance of the huixiang brand is a good example. enter the next phase of development for the operation and laid a good model of development.



huixiang established safety and environmental health is placed above everything. not long ago, we reached a new milestone in huixiang: construction of a security without major incident 10000000 man-hours. we should thank all the efforts made by this office personnel.



technology of huixiang represents the world's most advanced manufacturing technology. our goal : to create a world-class enterprises, the best quality products, the best of health, safety and environmental performance of the display world.



we made a commitment to good corporate citizenship. we have clearly formulated the social impact management strategy, will continue to support environmental protection, safety and education. and the positive impact of our stakeholders together to achieve sustainable development in the region.



huixiang colleagues for their hard work sovereign doctrine development of the first movement produced a loud. i look forward to huixiang, we work together to write a new and glorious chapter in sovereign doctrine.



huixiang lighting manufactory
general manager